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Inquiries from future Handathoners.


Name's Nick and i just wanted to get more information about the competition. think i can be a winner. thxs in addvance.

Any handsa thons for sandiego,ca area? thanks.

Hi brian, my name is joey and i cant believe that i have finally found a website about handathons. I have always wanted to compete in a handathon. my mom won a couple of handathons in the mid to late 80s in south florida and i was always to young to enter.I still live in south fla and i am way old enough, but i dont even here about these contests anymore.but i am very anxious to participate in a handathon ,so if you could email me with any information on how to find out about these contests,how to get into the contest, and how to win it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, My name is marianna and im ready to sign up! When are you posting your new website? Can you tell me when or where the next contest is? Would i have to compete against you? Write me back! thanks, mary

Hello! could you please email me back and let me know how I can find out about upcoming hands-on contests! Thanks so much!

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