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Dear Brian, I am a huge fan!  I have seen you on TV on multiple occasions.  I just recently read about you in FHM magazine.  I was wondering, do you know of anywhere to find upcoming handathons?  I've always been very intrigued.  I probably don't stand a chance, but I'd love to try it once.  I would be willing to make a trip if you know of anything in the US?  Thanks a lot Brian!!  Good luck in anything you do!! - Stan   

Are You Ready to Win?


How would you like to win a brand new car or truck simply by keeping your hand on it longer than anyone else?
Think you can do it?

I thought I could, Thirty years ago, and since then I've gotten the keys and the title to Twenty Five brand new vehicles....
Corvettes, Toyota convertibles, Pickups, a New Beetle, and even a House!
Handathon contests have been a big source of fun, profit, and enlightenment for me over the years.
Winning Handathons is simple and yet requires an edge to beat out the average guy or girl.
With the knowledge I've gained through winning lots of cars and trucks, I can help you win too!

The media has called me "The Machine", "King of Handathons",
Rosie O'Donnell dubbed me "A Professional Handathoner?".
These are all somewhat flattering nicknames and yet I'm simply an average guy with persistence and a few hard earned "Tricks of the Trade". And I want to share them with you, so you can experience that winning feeling !

Here you'll discover tips and tricks on how to find, enter, and WIN Handathons all over the country. (Not to mention New Zealand, China, England, and Australia).

So, hang on and get ready to be part of the Wild and Wacky World of Handathons!

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Your Fascination is Guaranteed!

You have found the only site anywhere with real Handathon info.

Remember, we've been there.

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